lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

How to be kind when giving our point of view: Zen Habits

Why we give criticism;
*For improvement
We meant to help to get things better
*To be the change or to see a change we like to:
When we read a blog, for example, they may be something that make us uneasy because we do not understand what we read, because we have a different point of view, because we see many gramatical errors.
*To discuss or find out more:
This could be a very good direction to take the idea to a new level, to explore, or give an opposing point of view, to share new knowledge with good citing sources.
*To hurt someone
In this case criticism is destructive,  and not intelligent; we target personal aspects of the person, we repeat rumors, the source of the discussion is madness when using degrading language.
* To vent our frustrations
Negative anger will move us to deposit our bad moments into someone creations or ideas. Be careful! Take a deep breath and transform that negativity into something useful before you spread it.
*To boost ego
When you like to show how powerful you are or knowledgeable. Be careful! There is someone that knows more than you or knows how to manage internet and information in astute way.
This could be ego era  but a the same time we all want to construct a better world, is better for us to manage criticism in smart manner.
If you feel you handle the candle, think twice before you burn with mean criticism.
Do not focus on the person, go to the actions and facts, and began noticing good aspects about the work, than say I will do...I will prefer, If I were you, I will... Can I make a suggestion?.
Do not waste time with depredatory practices. Be a protector of creativity and provide a kind feedback.